Welcome to Shelf Lovers

Shelf Lovers is a small independent bookshop in Wooloowin specialising in LGBTQIA+ and romance books, as well as literary-themed gifts. Established by a family of book lovers, we offer a welcoming space for all, with lots of pride and no prejudice. We are proud to empower our readers and connect people with the right books at the right time.

Our Collection of Books & Gifts

With a focus on LGBTQIA+ and romance themes, you can find books for all ages at Shelf Lovers, including books that are hard to find in mainstream stores. You can also choose from a selection of gifts, greeting cards, cross-stitched and crocheted items as well as general LGBTQIA+ and literary geekery. Every book and item available at Shelf Lovers has been carefully selected and handpicked because we think it might be of help or bring someone a little joy. Items have been sourced from a variety of suppliers to make it easier for readers, educators and health and support workers to access these unique and valuable resources all in the one place.

Shelf Lovers Community

Shelf Lovers is more than just a bookshop – we also offer a safe space for book lovers to connect and engage as part of the inclusive Shelf Lovers community.

With storytime events for children, as well as book circles for teens and adults, Shelf Lovers provides regular opportunities for engagement.

Customers can also join our loyalty program to earn rewards against future purchases and sign up for our regular newsletter for information about new arrivals and upcoming events.

New Arrivals

The carefully curated collection of books at Shelf Lovers is constantly growing and evolving so there will always be something new to discover. Explore some our latest new arrivals below.

Staff Picks

Shelf Lovers is owned and managed by a team of voracious readers and book lovers. Our
dedicated staff is always at the ready to talk books and give recommendations. If you’re
looking for some new reading inspiration, see what our staff have to say about some of their
favourite books from the collection.

Become part of the inclusive book loving community at Shelf Lovers. Send us a message to sign up to our newsletter and loyalty program or make a recommendation for books or resources you’d like to see instore.

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